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On June 7th, 2006 I was involved in a very minor accident in which, while stopped at a light I rolled into the ball hitch on a Ford Explorer. I had reached into the back seat to grab something and my foot came off the brake just enough to cause me to roll forward. but not quick enough for me to feel the car rolling. This resulted in the front grilles, nose piece, and hood being damaged. After an initial estimate at the BMW Dealership, I was referred to Continental Auto Body in Calgary, AB by the Southern Alberta BMW Club. After speaking with Walter and seeing his work I chose to use his shop for the repair. I am pleased to say I was very happy with his work. He was not only kind enough to let me come into the shop and see the work in progress, but the final result was beyond my initial expectation. He managed to color match the paint perfectly and blended it into the fenders so you couldn’t even tell it had been repainted. I fell in love with the color all over again.
Here are pictures from during the repaint, September of 2006:

On September 23, 2006 I purchased a replica E36 M3 front bumper to replace the original bumper. I also found an excellent group buy on for a set of M3 mirrors with a convex lens. These mirrors were also heated, which in Canada is a plus. The M3 bumper and M3 mirrors were installed and painted by Continental Auto Body. With a brand new paint job on the front end I felt I needed to complement it more. I purchased a set of one-piece projector headlights with angel eyes from a member in Texas. I quite liked the look of the one piece headlights at the time.

Here is pictures with the M3 bumper, and the one piece headlights. Prior to the M3 mirrors.

Due to a hard drive crash on my laptop I lost the additional pictures of the repair. Hopefully one day I can find someone who might be able so successfully recover them. 

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