Friday, 21 September 2012

The Beginning

I purchased this car on May 2nd, 2005, from a used car dealership here in Calgary, AB. When i bought it, it had 157,337 km on it. The exterior color was Canyonrot Mettalic. Paint Code #343. Interior color was Beige. The previous owner had kept it in quite good shape. I still remember the day I picked it up. The car looked stunning after being freshly cleaned. My first drive in it was down MacLeod Tr. Pulling onto the road and taking off for the first time was incredible. From that moment on I was hooked. Upon purchase the car was originally stock. A VIN check showed that it was first registered in Ontario in March of 1998.

Here is what the car looked like stock, circa June 2005.

I left the car in the stock form for a while, but then quickly decided I wanted to make some changes. Obviously increasing power was one of them. I decided my first modification would be a Cold Air Intake. I purchased a Jim Conforti Carbon Fibre intake from Tunerworks Performance here in Calgary.

Here is the Conforti Intake. I love the apperance of it. The deeper throaty groan it made was amazing! To help compliment the intake I added a set of UUC Motorwerks underdrive pullies. The combination of the intake and pullies was quite a nice mod. You could feel an increase in power right off the bat. Conforti makes non Carbon Fibre intakes for those budget minded people. For E36 owners, these are the best starting mods you can get for your money.

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